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Diamond Painting Bling Art

DIY Bling Rhinestone Pen Kit

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Try blinging your very own rhinestone jewel pen with this amazing starter kit.

Bling Pen Kit Will Contain:

InkJoy Gel Pen (color may vary)

Rhinestones for Project

Rhinestone Tray
Wax Pencil

Sand paper

Alcohol Wipe
Disposable Applicator

* Glue not included


Steps to Bling your pen

  1. Disassemble pen and keep parts in a safe place
  2. Paint barrel of pen to match color of rhinestone (optional)
  3. Use nail file and sand barrel of pen. (Remove clip, some do some don’t)
  4. Use alcohol wipe and wipe down surface, let air dry
  5. Pour rhinestones in sorting tray
  6. Apply a small amount of glue in a short line. Start at the top of the pen. (gemtac, Liquid fusion, B7000 all options not included in kit)
  7. Place rhinestones around pen evenly spaced LET DRY before moving to next row. This is the foundation row so be sure it is straight
  8. Continue with next row until you have filled entire pen.
  9. Let Cure for 7 days
  10. Re-assemble pen and enjoy your new Bling Pen!