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ForeverWick Candle Co

Love Spell Luxury Bath Bomb + Genuine Diamond

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Your eyes are correct! There is a REAL diamond in this bath bomb!!!

These luxurious all-natural bath bombs are sure to turn bath-time into an indulgent experience. Melt away tension and float off to a place of peace and tranquility as you soak in this therapeutic medley of high-quality ingredients. Relax and allow the aromatic blend of fragrance oils to relieve your body and mind of the stresses of your day. These coconut oil-infused bombs gently soften skin leaving it supple and moisturized, while premium-grade Epsom salt soothes and relaxes your muscles from head to toe. We hand make these luxe bath bombs with the finest ingredients and the utmost care to provide you a decadent bath experience with every single use.

To further add to the luxury of this product, each bath bomb includes a Genuine GIA™️ Graded Diamond!!!

Scent notes: Scent Notes: A fresh blend of citrus, peaches, and rose with a sweet musky base.

Relaxation, smooth feeling skin, high quality ingredients, an incredible aroma, and jewelry to add. This is a winning combination 🛁 🧖‍♀️ \💎

Collect your diamonds and then send them in to the company's diamond exchange for REAL diamond jewelry!!!