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Ridged Vase

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Brighten up your living space with our Ridged Vase - a modern and creative solution for your home flower arrangements! This contemporary vase is not just a vessel for your blooms, but a statement piece in its own right. Designed for the modern home, it adds a fresh and artistic touch to any room.

Made from high-quality plastic, this vase is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for households with active lifestyles or children. Its unique design is perfect for showcasing everything from lush floral arrangements to simple greenery, bringing life and color to your living room, kitchen, or any space that needs a touch of nature.

This vase's versatility extends beyond traditional uses. It can be an eye-catching centerpiece on your dining table, a welcoming accent in your entryway, or even a charming addition to your office. Easy to clean and maintain, it's a practical and stylish choice for anyone looking to enhance their home with a modern, creative flair. Elevate your decor with this beautiful plastic vase, where simplicity meets sophistication.

Height: 7.87" Opening: 1.97"